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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tennessee Food - Good, Bad and the Ugly

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Good.  This is an obvious one in barbeque-crazed Memphis.  The ribs are something to write home about.  This nice rack is from the Rendezvous restaurant.  Simply awesome.

For BBQ near the base in Millington, I like Barbarosa's.  We took my niece Jena there during her visit.  The sauce on her face was her sign of approval.

Definitely in the good category.  Although not pictured here, also in the good category is sweet tea which is very prevalent in the south.  I like to mix half sweet and half unsweetened tea to tone down the sugar a bit.

Speaking of sugar, we move on to the bad.  There's a Chinese buffet restaurant in Millington.  While it's a good buffet at a decent price, we definitely had a bad moment there.  This sugary donut wasn't so sugary.  Instead of the sweet stuff, this usually delicious morsel was coated in salt.  Definitely not what the taste buds were expecting.  Even after telling our waitress about this obvious kitchen error, they didn't change out the salt-covered donuts that were still laid out in the buffet.  Other customers had to taste a mouthful of salt before the staff changed them out.  Like nobody was gonna notice?  C'mon man!

Cue in Clint Eastwood western theme music and a rolling tumbleweed.  We move on to the ugly.  Who leaves a plate of half eaten collard greens by a gas station pump?  There was a dang trash can just a few feet away.  C'mon man!


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