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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thursday, August 12, 2010
CJ recently celebrated his 12th birthday.  Some of the neighborhood girls found out about the birthday boy and decided to do a "cake-off."  First they conducted a mini-interview with CJ and asked him about some of his favorite things - colors, superheroes, candy, music, etc.  Armed with this knowledge, the girls now had the inspiration to make some nice cakes.  The best cake wins of course.

Some of the neighborhood girls that participated in the cake-off.

Here's CJ and Jake after finding out about the cake-off.  It's not everyday that you get folks making stuff for you.  Well, for single guys anyway.

Sugar overload!  Not a bad way to get welcomed to a neighborhood.

Jake did his part to show his appreciation to the young bakers by downing their colorful creations.  Looks like a Candyland board game.   

One cake was a volcano with lava.  There was another one that was an island.  So who won the cake-off?  They all did.  Sugar and blue lips for all my friends.


Em and the Fam

Sounds like CJ is making waves in your neighborhood! Way to go big man!

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