Formerly known as "Cruzers in Korea"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr. Plant

Sunday, August 15, 2010
I was very impressed a plant.  So impressed that I named it - Mr. Plant.

The movers in Korea took Mr. Plant, dirt and all, wrapped him up in paper and threw him in a box with a bunch of other stuff.  We've had our garbage packed up by movers before so this shouldn't have surprised us.  Good thing we didn't own a cat.

So Mr. Plant was crammed into a cardboard box with vases, knick knacks, papers and other inanimate objects that couldn't talk.  This cardboard box was then stuffed with other cardboard boxes into a large wooden crate.  Off to America they went, on a slow boat to the New World.  A two month trek.  No sunlight.  No water.  No Miracle Grow.

And Mr. Plant lives!  He must've really wanted to see Tennessee.  He's much greener now after basking in some Memphis sunlight and refreshing water.  I think he's happy now.  No more brown leaves.

So if your boss or your job makes you feel like quitting or curling up into a ball and dying, think of the resilient Mr. Plant and his recent journey.  The sun will come out.  It might take two months, but it will come out.  Until next time.


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