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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Saturday, August 21, 2010
These two pieces of equipment were workhorses for us during our big city living in Busan, Korea:

Living on the 29th floor of a high rise apartment building, we really had to plan out how we were gonna lug massive amounts of groceries to our kitchen.  We had a HomePlus grocery store a couple of blocks from our apartment so the blue roller thing came in handy.  These rollers are a necessity in Korea.

The baby stroller was used for purposes other than originally intended.  We would load that thing up with so many groceries, the wheels would sometimes buckle.  Without these two workhorses, we would've at least doubled the amount of elevator trips from our parking garage to the 29th floor.  So as we retire the blue roller and the baby stroller, it's with thoughts of gratitude that Carol and I bid farewell to these simple beasts of burden.

How many little things in your life do you take for granted that help make your life easier?  Maybe it's the sunshade in your car that prevents your car from turning into a furnace.  Or the sidewalk chalk that keeps the kids occupied when you're really needing to get something done.  There's always the alarm clock that makes sure you don't lose your job.  Gotta love the little portable bottle of Purell that helps you from getting sick.  How about the big old purse that the ladies can sneak snacks into the movie theater and avoid paying those crazy concession stand prices?

And so today, let's alI salute the little workhorses that don't get much attention.


Em and the Fam

We use a stroller for our groceries, too! I am so thankful for the elevator, cause I don't know how I'd get the stroller up the stairs!


the roller thing was a total life saver when we lived in the apartment in Philadelphia. that and the thick, reusable tote bags that carries so much!

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