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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pencil Sharpener

Friday, August 20, 2010
Don't talk to strangers.

Look both ways before you cross the street.

Don't put your finger into a pencil sharpener.

Two out of three ain't bad.  In a span of the millisecond that Carol turned her head away, Jake let curiosity get the best of him.  Hmm...I wonder how this thing works?  Bamm, he sticks his finger in the pencil sharpener and I think he tries to crank some shavings out of his little digit.

I don't think he'll do that again.  The damage wasn't too bad.  A couple drops of blood and a slightly mangled fingernail should be enough to dissuade him from doing that again. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Now I know where all those warning labels on products come from.  Those warnings are there because people have actually tried to do certain things to those products.  Here are a couple of examples of real warnings on real products:

Liquid Plummer:  Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages.

Windex:  Do not spray in eyes.

Toilet Plunger:  Do not use near power lines.

and my favorite:

Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine:  DO NOT EAT

Here is Carol fixing the pencil, I mean Jake's finger.

Maybe some big wig pencil sharpener company executive will read this blog entry and add a warning to their product, all because of Jake's antics.  That would be quite the accomplishment for a 5 year old.  Well, gotta go.  I think Jake's putting his grilled cheese sandwich into the DVD player.


Joy O'Neal

I've already put a sign by the bunk beds warning about the ceiling fans.....

The Cruzers

Hey Leenie - Still had a great time despite Jake's attempt to kiss a ceiling fan. Many thanks for having everyone over. So nice to be close(r) to family again.

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